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COVID-19对manbetx官网电脑版国家构成了前所未有的挑战, the poultry industry, and Foster Farms.  manbetx官网电脑版非常感谢manbetx官网电脑版数千名员工的努力,他们不知疲倦地工作,使manbetx官网电脑版的产品提供给数百万依赖它们的家庭.

在整个大流行期间,manbetx官网电脑版雇员的健康和福利一直是最优先的事项.  Foster Farms has closely followed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and that of local health departments, 实施一整套工作场所保护措施,以限制COVID-19的传播.  自大流行开始以来,manbetx官网电脑版已经进行了150多次,000 employee COVID-19 tests, 并且是首批提供现场疫苗接种的公司之一.  We strongly encourage all Americans to be vaccinated.

COVID-19触及了美国人生活的方方面面,作为回应 manbetx官网电脑版向食品银行捐赠了200多万磅家禽产品使那些在经济上处于不利地位的人受益. The fight against COVID-19 is not yet over, but the end is increasingly on the horizon, and with that end we hope will come the full learning, that makes our country, our industry, and Foster Farms stronger for the future.

Food Safety

为manbetx官网电脑版在manbetx电脑版农场和设施的员工服务, manbetx官网电脑版维持一个全面的食品安全计划,并致力于领导家禽行业. manbetx官网电脑版甚至被美国参议员黛安·范斯坦(Dianne Feinstein)认为在控制沙门氏菌方面处于行业最低水平, a champion of improved food safety.

Foster Farms is now working closely with the USDA, CDC, poultry industry, 零售商分享他们在控制沙门氏菌方面的经验,以便在全国范围内建立一个更安全的食品供应体系.

Learn more about our Food Safety commitments.

Consumer Food Safety Education

当涉及到食品安全时,manbetx官网电脑版都在一起. 因此,manbetx官网电脑版通过加州大学戴维斯分校(University of California Davis)资助了创新消费者研究,旨在更好地让消费者了解食品安全. Read below for an overview.

Store fresh, 在40华氏度或更低的温度下,原装未开封的生鸡肉, in the bottom, coldest part of the refrigerator. 一定要按照标签上的“使用日期”或“冷冻日期”来烹调或冷冻生鸡肉.

For longer storage, immediate freezing is recommended. 为了防止冷冻烧焦,用锡箔或其他冷冻保鲜膜包裹鸡肉. 在冷冻之前,把食物分成单独的饭量, 这样你就可以避免解冻过多的鸡肉.

  • Can I freeze chicken in its original wrapper?  是的,原包装可以冷冻两个月. 如果需要更长的冷冻时间,可以用锡箔、保鲜膜、冷冻纸或塑料袋包裹.
  • 解冻冻鸡或火鸡的最好方法是什么? The safest method is in the refrigerator. Allow approximately five hours per pound thawing time. For faster thawing, you can defrost using the microwave.
  • 解冻完全煮熟的冷冻家禽产品的最好方法是什么? The safest method is in the refrigerator. Allow approximately five hours per pound of thawing time. 为了更快的解冻,你可以在你的微波炉解冻按照制造商的说明.
  • Can I refreeze partially thawed raw chicken or turkey? For the best quality, manbetx官网电脑版建议你把家禽解冻后完全煮熟, 如果需要,立即冷冻(整只家禽应在冷冻前切成小份).

Read more about our commitments to Food Safety.

Renewing the Cycle: From Waste To Agricultural Value

Across California Foster Farms has planted more than 1,500 almond trees to create shade at its poultry ranches, while contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gasses, through the natural role trees play in carbon capture. 来自manbetx官网电脑版家禽牧场和加工作业的大部分废料被加工成副产品,可用于牛和水产养殖饲料, as well as pet food.  manbetx官网电脑版每年家禽生产超过460只,000 tons of manure, almost all of which is converted into compost, soil amendments, conventional and organic fertilizer.

作为试点项目的一部分,manbetx官网电脑版正在与加州当地农民合作,利用manbetx官网电脑版的有机肥料种植有机饲料,为manbetx官网电脑版的有机家禽业务提供有机家禽饲料成分, creating a cycle of sustainability. 最近,manbetx官网电脑版开始与“从食物到叉子”项目合作,从回收的商业食物垃圾中开发原料.

Even feathers are finding a use, manbetx官网电脑版已经开始与环保思想领袖“信任问题”和美国空军合作,以确定羽毛材料的吸水性能否在遏制漏油方面发挥作用.  找到废物的新用途有助于创造一个更清洁的地球.

Read more about our commitments to the Environment.

Fresh Water Conservation

manbetx官网电脑版每天在营业前进行彻底清洗,以加强食物安全. To reduce this impact, manbetx官网电脑版安装了一个BNR(生物营养减少)系统,每年可以节省1.5亿加仑的淡水. This is a unique, 这个最先进的系统显示了manbetx官网电脑版致力于解决重要问题的决心,比如加州的水资源保护.

Read more about our commitments to the Environment.

Energy Conservation

manbetx官网电脑版想让所有的鸡都舒适,但这并不意味着要牺牲地球. manbetx官网电脑版在所有的谷仓的加热和冷却循环中使用节能的热交换器. We’re also lighted by all LEDs all the time, 只要有可能,manbetx官网电脑版就用高效的型号替换旧的发动机.

Discover more about our Sustainability commitments.

Zero Landfill

在manbetx官网电脑版,manbetx官网电脑版为自己设定了一个零垃圾填埋场的目标. manbetx官网电脑版目前正在处理塑料在整个加工生命周期中的使用问题. manbetx官网电脑版在旧金山湾区销售的所有产品都不使用聚苯乙烯泡沫塑料,这一举措获得了很多客户和其他地理区域的消费者的关注.

Foster Farms is a member of the How2Recycle program making it easier for our consumers to recycle. On our packaging, we use the How2Recycle 为如何回收包装提供明确指导的标签. 在manbetx官网电脑版,manbetx官网电脑版致力于可持续发展和减少包装浪费. More details about the program are available at

Learn more about our commitments to minimize waste.