our story

A chicken and egg story is literally our story.

Our mission is to be simply better in all we do. Learn about Foster Farms and all the values that make us tick, er, cluck.

We believe in responsibility.

All of our chicken farms are certified under rigorous American Humane Association standards. Not because we have to, but because we care.

Blue tractor in front of chicken coops - Foster Farms

We believe in healthy.

Good health starts with good choices. Our cage-free, free range, organic, and vegetarian-fed options turn healthy eating into joyful eating.

Vegetarian chicken feed - Foster Farms

We believe in safety & sustainability.

We’ve got families, too. That’s why we’re taking an industry-wide lead to promote safety for people and planet.

Water tower on a farm - Foster Farms

We believe in family-owned farms.

Welcome to our farms. We think being local means you get a simply better product. And that would make Max and Verda Foster proud.

Smiling woman on a farm - Foster Farms

We believe in community.

Striving to be better every day means giving back to the community we live in, especially when it involves feeding those in need.

Foster Farms Community members - Foster Farms